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CGU publica instrução normativa sobre atividades de auditoria interna This publication is a guidance and prevention tool for legal, ethical, transparent and professional conduct of all parties directly or indirectly involved with Celesc. Nov. 2015. Nesta quarta-feira 18, o Diário Oficial da União publicou instrução normativa da Controladoria-Geral da União CGU sobre o Plano Anual de.

Manual de Auditoria Interna UNILAB This document gathers the guidelines for the conduct of business processes according to the precepts of the Brazilian Federal Anti-Corruption Law, Antitrust Law, Bidding and Contracts Law and the Administrative Improbity Law, as well as the 10th Principle of the Global Compact and the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption of which Celesc is a snatory since 2006. Jul. 2016. Manual de. Procedimentos. Auditoria. Interna. Titular da Unidade de. direta do Poder Executivo Federal, e com a IN/CGU n° 01, de 03 de.

Manual de Auditoria Interna - Conab Celesc – Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina and its wholly owned subsidiaries, together with its own employees, officers, directors, suppliers and outsourced employees, directly or indirectly related to Celesc, is committed to lead the company's operations and its wholly owned subsidiaries with honesty, transparency, integrity, within the compliance precepts and absolutely in accordance with the precepts of the Anti-Corruption Brazilian Federal Law 12.846, sanctioned on August 1, 2013, which became effective from January 2014 on and was regulated by Decree 8420/15, as well as with the 10th Global Compact Principle and Business Pact for Integrity, of which Celesc is a party since 2006, and related laws, namely: » Antitrust Law (Law 12.529/2011); Administrative Improbity Law (Law 8.249/1992). Manual de Auditoria. Interna. 2008. COAUD- coordenadoria de auditoria interna. 2ª versão. º 337/2005 ASJUR/CGU-PR, de 25 de outubro de 2005.

Manual de auditoria interna - supad - Ufba This policy has, therefore, the aim to record and communicate to all who are involved directly or indirectly with Celesc, that the company operates in a legal, ethical, transparent and professional manner, in addition to being a tool for prevention and guidance. Este Manual está dividido em oito blocos, a saber Auditoria Interna, Auditor. estabelecidos pela Controladoria Geral da União - CGU e jurisprudenciais do.

Mobirise - Free Mobile Website Builder Software Compliance with this policy is vital to maintain the preservation of Celesc name, which means that there will be no tolerance for non-compliance. WHAT IS MOBIRISE? Mobirise is an offline app for Window and Mac to easily create small/medium websites, landing pages, online resumes and portfolios, promo sites for.

MANUAL DE CONTROLE INTERNO - CGU - TJAC From this document, employees, officers, directors, suppliers and outsourced employees will be able to assist the control agencies of Celesc to identify situations of occcurences which are contrary to this Policy and to the Code of Ethical Conduct of Celesc. Elaborados pela Secretaria Federal de Controle Interno da CGU. 2.1 A auditoria interna e as Unidades de Controle Interno.5.

MANUAL DE AUDITORIA INTERNA AudIn - UFSCar The policy applies to all individuals or legal entities, with or without profit involved with the operations of Celesc. Nesta sua primeira edição, o Manual de Auditoria Interna da UFSCar pretende. confiança do Reitor, aprovado pelo ConsUni e com a consulta pela CGU.

Auditoria Interna Manual Técnico - br Manual Técnico da Auditoria Interna do DNPM. Conteúdo Específico –Orientações CGU. de Controle – SFC e Controladoria Geral da União – CGU;.

MINISTÉRIO DA FAZENDA - CGU Aprovar o Manual do Sistema de Controle Interno do Poder Executivo Federal. Seção II Normas Relativas à Avaliação das Unidades de Auditoria Interna. 77.

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