Erbe icc 350 service manual

ERBE ICC 350 Electrosurgical Diathermy Unit - Avensys Medical Both new and second hand devices will be sold with a warranty, the length of which will be determined by the equipment type and agreed at the point of sale. Pre-owned diathermy unit only with full manufacturer service history. ERBE have given the ICC 350 one-of-a-kind functionality for all-round use, with the.

Title Erbe ICC Bipolar Date 2-10-2013 By Erbe Service contracts for each device are also available and will be discussed prior to purchase. Date 2-10-2013. By Erbe. DISCLAIMER THIS PROCEDURE PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITH. Erbotom Service Manual includes models ICC 50 and 80. 3. WEHT, kg lb. 2.8 6.2. GENERATOR. Solid-state. Frequency, Khz. 350. Visual.

ERBE SERVICE MANUAL ICC200 ICC300H-E ICC350 Power. We deliver medical and dental equipment globally, insured and tracked as standard using trusted couriers. ERBE. ICC 200 ICC 300 H-E ICC 350. 09.2004. Service manual. ICC 200, ICC 300 H-E, ICC 350. SERVICE. MANUAL. 10128-002, 10128-009, 10128-010.

Bipolar instruments - Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH ERBE have given the ICC 350 one-of-a-kind functionality for all-round use, with the features and abilities developed in close teamwork with leading surgeons from many different medical disciplines. Manual cleaning and disinfection. Sterile packaging. Bipolar connecting cable, VIO, ICC, ACC, International 2-Pin 22 mm International. International. 4 m. Insert for LAP BiSect Micro 20195-204, ø 5 mm, length 350 mm. 1. 20195-206.

Erbe Erbotom ICC300 - User Manual - Scribd Features Precisely controlled coagulation and no carbonization with Soft Coag Forced Coag - for situations where speed is essential Spray Coag - for efficient surface coagulation Argon-Plasma Coagulation unit ERBE APC 300 hookup as standard equipment Mono- und bipolar coagulation (Bipolar Coag)Twin Coag - for comfortable coagulation on two channels: connector and individual settings for two Coag instruments Auto Start and Auto Stop - for coagulation support Specifications Form of HF current: Sine-shaped Nominal frequency of HF voltage: 330 k Hz Nominal HF output: 120 watts at 125 ohms Dimensions (W x H x D): 410 x 152 x 368 mm Weht: 10.0 kg Power Connection Rated power voltage: 240V/230V/115V/110V/100V ± 10%Rated power frequency: 50/60 Hz Power current: 4.0 A at 230 - 240 V/8.0 A at 100-115 VPower consumption in Standby mode: 25 watts Power consumption at max. ERBE. ERBOTOM ICC 300. Instruction manual 08.00. ERBOTOM ICC 300-H V 4. X 10128-070, 10128-077, 10128-306, 10128-075. ERBOTOM ICC 300-E V 4. X

Accessories for units and modules - Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH HF power: 620 watts 920 VACompatible products:https:// STERILE R. = 5. 4 kVp. Manual cleaning and disinfection. ICC 200 / ICC 300 / ICC 350 + APC 300 on Universal Cart 20185-205. 20132-061.

Erbe icc 350 service manual:

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