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Download - SGM Lht PROJECT : Media Markt X-MAS Event 2005 DATE : Samstag VENUE : Stadttheater Ingolstadt CLIENT : Media Saturn Holding EQUIPMENT LIST – LHTING – Main Stage : GROUND SUPPORT : 01 PROLYTE Ground Support System 04 Backtower - Prolyte Trussingsystem - Motor- and Chainhoistsystem for BARCO LED-Wall 01 Fronttruss (house system) CONVENTIONAL LHTING : 08 6-bar PAR64/CP60/Raylht/500W/silver 04 6-bar PAR64/CP62/Raylht/500W/silver 04 4-bar PAR64/CP60/Raylht/500W/silver 03 ACL-Set PAR64/28V/250W/silver 08 PAR64 Floorspot/CP60/Raylht/500W/silver 04 Profile Spots 2k W MOVING LHTS : 08 MARTIN MAC250 Krypton 08 MARTIN MAC300 14 GLP YPOC 250 (house system) SPECIALS : 04 4-lite Blinder/DWE/120V/650W 02 POWER Stroboscope/DMX 02 UV Floodcanon 01 Mirror Ball 50cm/Motor 01 PROFOG Fog Machine/DMX 01 LOOK Hazer/DMX 01 Fan/Ventilator CONTROLLING : 01 Flying P Systems - Wholehog III 01 DMX Merger - Patcher - MP2X2 01 MA Lhtcommander 24/II DIMMER : 02 Dimmer Rack PMG 24 - 04 Showtech Dimmer DPX620/6x2,2k W/DMX - 01 Hotpatch System 1/2/4ch. To obtain the best results, please carefully read this instruction manual in which you will find cal information. max. transmission rate 250kBaud.

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Camera, notebook, mobilephone, computer, sat, printer, - 01 In-Out-Interface - 01 PSU 02 Dimmer Rack PMG 06 - 01 Showtech Dimmer DPX620/6x2,2k W/DMX - Output Unit 02 DMX Booster Showtech BEST PDF Lht Fantastic: The Art and Desn of Stage Lhting TRIAL EBOOK Click here Notebook, mobilephone, computer, printer service manuals, schemas, kapcsolási. GATES-RADIO M-5790 BC-1T BC-500T BC-250T 0,54-1,6MHZ 250W-1KW. GLP YPOC-700 CMY SPECTACULAR LHTING, GM300 UHF MOBILRADIO.

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EQUIPMENT LIST – LHTING – Main Stage - promedia Lht Fantastic has received accolades from the theater community, including the Golden Pen Award from the Institute for Theater Technology and Outstanding Academic Title award from Choice magazine. BEST PDF Stage Lhting in the Boondocks A Stage Lhting Manual for Simplified Stagecraft Systems FOR IPAD · hollyberrywsfa. PDF DOWNLOAD Stage.

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Moving Head - Audiofanzine Now in its third edition, Lht Fantastic has been expanded to include breathtaking new photographs from author Max Keller s most recent productions. Best rated products Robe Lhting Spot 250 XT · Stairville SC250H · Pearl River Pilot 250. Most recent products Martin MAC Aura · Chauvet Legend 412

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Case Console - Library Book=3791343718 Now available in a completely revised, updated, and expanded edition, this book is the definitive guide to stage lhting desn by a virtuoso in the field. Library; Software · Manual - English · Manual - Dutch. NAME * -- GLP YPOC PRO 250; FIXED *DUPLICATED MANUFACTURER NAME.

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ORB Operating Manual - Zero 88 As beautiful as it is instructive, this award-winning book on all aspects of theatrical lhting desn has become the standard resource in the field. ORB SERIES OPERATING MANUAL. If a portable or temporary three phase mains supply is used to power this desk, we recommend that the desk mains plug.

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PA Systems - Buy excellent advertisements in Ireland - Pro Audio The text has been brought up to date to reflect the latest technological advances, while new essays on lht in architecture, lhting for music concerts, and the metaphysics and politics of lht broaden its scope. Yamaha MG 166C mixing desk with power supply, orinal manual and custom. Positioning Laser red The GLP YPOC 250 Pro Movinghead with additional.

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LSC Lhting Systems maXim Fixture Templates Tourwash 250 15ch Basic8bit. v0.90, 17/12/2007. Tourwash 575. iMove 250 Wash Basic8bit. v0.90, 17/12/2007. GLP. YPOC 250 Spot with Laser.

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Cabeza Móvil - Audiofanzine Sixty 2R · Accu Spot 250 · Accu Spot 250 Hybrid · Accu Spot 250 II · Accu UFO · B Shot LED · Chameleon QBAR PRO · Crazy 8 · Crazy Pocket 8 · Desn.

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