High end studio spot 575 manual

STUDIO SPOT 575 REPAIR PARTS - Pro Lhting All studio spot 575 family except studio color has same functions, difference in color wheel or cmy and frost replaced to zoom mechanism using same DMX channels. FIXTURE PARTS REPAIR PARTS - LEGACY HH END GEAR STUDIO SPOT 575 REPAIR PARTS. lhting replacement parts and service parts for the Hh End Systems Studio Spot 575 Moving Lht. Studio Spot 575 User Manual

Hh End Systems Studio Spots 250 - Please find the table below as a guide to which fixtures take which size gobos. Please let us know if you find an issue or have details of a new fixture. Oct 7, 2013. 2 used Hh Systems Studio Spots 250. Lhtshow with Hh End Systems Studio Spot 575 moving heads and Trackspot scanner - Duration.

Used & New Studio Spot 575 by Hh End Systems To calculate the beam spread use the following formulae Z= 2( X tan(Y/2)) X= Throw distance Y= Beam angle Z= Beam diameter **Very hot lht 1500W. We sell used & new Studio Spot 575 Moving Lhts by Hh End Systems. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

Hh End Systems DMX Single Unit Stage Lhting By the way the Hh end studio spot 575 CMY models personality has major mistakes in them.using the studio spot CMY and studio spot (color wheel) in one show creates even more headache. The factory fixture library is in D:\Titan Data\Fixture Library which is the same as in version 6. Personality has to be IDENTICAL across all of them. Now u get all wired things going on specially when apply the shape on this fixtures. Hhend Studio Spot 250's Moving Fixture Concert Stage Lhting DMX. Studio Spot 250. Hh End Studio Spot CMY 575 Moving Lht with Single Case.

Hh End Systems Single Unit Stage Lhting Would you be able to give more information about the problem with the Studio Spot CMY either here or submit a bug report through the personality website? 'Studio Spot CMY' has CMY inverted but 'Studio Spot 575CMY Zoom' does not. If you are using the CMY Zoom model then that explains the i have SS575CMY Zoom and SS575color values inversion is quick fix. Studio Spot 575 Moving Lht Color Wheel Version. Lamps function but. Hh End Studio Spot CMY 575 Moving Lht with single Case. The Studio Spot.

High end studio spot 575 manual:

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