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Western Electric Products- Telephones - Table of Release the CONTROL key to scroll up and down the page. It had the same rotary dial, ringer, handset and network as the 500 set. Miscellaneous scans from the Bell System Practices manuals. I have seen cut sheets from Graybar for Harris -Dracon TS-21 sets that refer to them as Buttinsky's.

Harris TS21 Test Set Lineman Telephone Phone Line This works on any web page with text (not graphics). Harris TS21 Test Set Lineman Telephone Phone Line Tool Handset Blue Butt Set #Harris. Vintage Bell Telephone Bell System Linemans Tool Box eBay. Teltrend DST5417 card used for manually adjusting levels and frequency.

Harris TS21 Butt set Lineman Telephone Repair If you have pictures that you'd like to see on our site, e-mail Mike Sandman at [email protected], and we'll try to get them on and credit them to you. Harris TS21 Butt set Lineman Telephone Repair Dennis McDonald shows the Initial Checkout and.

Harris Dracon Test Equipment eBay IMPORTANT NOTE: If the text is too small to read easily, you can make it bger (or smaller) by holding down the CONTROL key, and rolling the wheel on your mouse (while holding CONTROL down). Harris Dracon TS21 Red Telephone Lineman's Test Set with Leads. .99. The unit is just like new except for a phone number I wrote on the User Manual.

Telephone History. Antique Telephone & The Hush-A-Phone was a simple product that slipped over a Candlestick Phone or Telephone Handset and gave the user some privacy (the first noise canceling microphone! There were no electrical connections, it just slipped onto the phone. Telephone History Pages, Antique Telephone & Collector's Items from the. Poles would feed out in all directions from a town's Central Office. TS-21 Dial - the First popular Tone and Rotary Butt-Set 1977 - before Harris bought Dracon.

Harris Dracon TS21 Telephone Butt Tester Our History Page is always under construction, but there's a bunch of really interesting stuff here! Harris Dracon TS21 Telephone Butt Tester Lineman's Test Set In Box. Really good instructions on all the things you need to include in a proper floor plan.

TS21 LINEMAN'S TEST SET. Be sure to look at the BECO catalogs we've got below, which are a history lesson in themselves! You can click on most of the pictures on this page to see a larger version. Tool, and other ordinary telephone craft tools, with. 11 0 VAC, 60 HZ. The new Dracon TS21 Lineman's Test Set employs the latest in integrated circuit desn to.

Butt sets - TELEPHONE Forum's - Line- I still have my first set.old harris TS21 ground start. a or know where to get a user guide and a schematic for the old ts21 blue/blue sets? i.

User's Guide User's Guide. Harris Corporation makes no warranties about this document. Harris Corporation reserves the rht to make hardware and software changes to.

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